About Us

BNM Advocates was established on the 1st of March 2016. A full service firm, positioned in the market to provide corporate legal advisory services to businesses. We guarantee that our clients will save money, grow revenues, protect and grow their assets, minimize legal and business risk exposure.

We value integrity and professionalism. We endeavor to provide quick, tailored, pragmatic and relevant solutions. We prefer to work in a proactive manner that anticipates legal risks and mitigates loss.

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Why choose us

fast time


We pledge to respond in a timely manner to our clients’ needs. We pledge to deliver timely results for all assignments handed to us.

Quality of Service

We strive to achieve and maintain high levels of service quality and work performance excellence. Any related challenges that are identified would be resolved appropriately.

Conflict of Interest

We understand the repercussions of working in an environment where we are conflicted and we commit to declare to our clients as such and shall promptly resolve any such potential conflicts.

Firm structure

A team of dynamic, professional and proactive members. We have a team of three lawyers, headed by a Managing Partner and support staff.
The firm’s model also constitutes a team of external team consultants who support the firm’s business clients with Business, Tax and Strategy matters.

The professionals experience spans between 10-16 years of experience in the corporate environment. The firm has expertise in corporate investment and commercial transactional advisory matters, banking and project finance, mergers and acquisitions, Private Equity, Corporate Secretary-ship and Corporate Governance, Civil litigation, Property and Trade Finance, Employment and Pension related matters, Dispute resolution, Investment law and Intellectual property.

The firm aims to offer the above mentioned services to different local and international financial institutions, corporate entities, Private equity funds or investors, secondary markets, international investors, Statutory Bodies, Small and Medium sized enterprises, Non-Governmental Organizations and both medium and high net worth Individuals who are looking for personalized and professional legal support.Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment Advisory.


Our mission

The firm’s Mission is to provide business centric legal solutions to our clients with an aim of ensuring client satisfaction through providing timely, accurate and professional advice that promotes and protects our clients’ interests.

Our core values

  • Integrity – We lead by example in all we do. We set the highest goals of honesty and ethics.
  • Professionalism – Our work reflects our best efforts
  • Teamwork – Best results are achieved through teams and we strive for this in our day-to-day operations.
  • Excellence – We work with top competent lawyers and that is reflected in our service.
  • Client Focus – Our business processes and service provides efficiency and client satisfaction

Our vision

The firm’s vision is to provide exceptional and personalized services to meet each clients’ unique needs.

Practice approach

At BNM Advocates, we believe in nurturing and sustaining relationships with our clients. We are committed to providing excellent legal, business tailored solutions for our clients with pragmatic solutions. We make it our business to understand and know our clients better and attend to their needs with keen focus.

We commit to protecting our clients’ interests. We treat our client’s work with the strictest confidence and in addition, we commit to ensure the following attributes.