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When you retain a lawyer who practices corporate finance advisory in Uganda, you’ll have a dedicated legal advisor on your side to help you identify finance solutions and capital opportunities so your business can thrive.

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Choosing a Corporate Finance Advisory In Uganda


Uganda is an independent British Commonwealth republic that is situated in East Africa. It’s landlocked and bordered by South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Lake Victoria, and Kenya. The nation has experienced impressive economic growth in recent years, making it an appealing place to start a business for both locals and international entrepreneurs.

Whether you have a business in Uganda or are considering starting one, it is wise to have a corporate finance advisory agent on your side to provide strategic advice. Experienced professionals realize the benefit of having a corporation as a separate legal entity to avoid personal repercussions if the shareholder value decreases.

For experienced advice and advocacy on corporate legal matters in Uganda, contact BNM Advocates to learn the basics of industry sectors.


Learning About the Types of Uganda Businesses and Growth Strategies

A corporate finance advisory in Uganda will provide expert advice to member firms. For example, foreign investors typically use the following three forms of companies:

  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Companies limited by shares
  • Unlimited liability companies

It would help if you had a firm with local knowledge to help with any transaction processor to help with the financial modeling of your global network. They can explain the different types of corporate advantages.

What Is Corporate Finance Advisory?

For corporate rigorous financial advisory services, it’s important to contact financial sponsors to look into options for a sustainable growth strategy and professional advice, even if you’re engaging in a joint venture or a solo acquisition of an existing company. 

Your investment is significant to you, and corporate financial advisors can help you with those financial modeling decisions. A corporate advisory company is a service that provides consulting to large corporate firms. They advise on the financing solutions for the following:

  • Corporations
  • Financial institutions
  • Government clients
  • Public and private companies

Most services cater to businesses that require tactical advice to identify strategic options for public and private mergers and acquisitions.

When you require corporate finance services advice in Uganda, including private equity, you should consider the counseling of BNM Advocates to provide transaction advisory services.

Pick the Best Corporate Finance Advisor

When you are searching for the best corporate finance advisor, it is important to choose one proficient in the most current corporate tax rates. Generally, the Uganda income tax rate is about 30%. 

Some specific companies are subject to corporate taxes that are calculated with a particular formula, such as small business owners that have a different rate of taxation. A corporate advisory agency in Uganda can help you ascertain how much you would need to pay.


Additional Information About Uganda Taxes

Corporate advisors in Uganda are very helpful for burgeoning businesses. When a company is beginning, they often don’t have the information or the resources to handle everything required to keep the business viable.

For example, accounting is an aspect many businesses are ill-equipped to deal with. The original 15% withholding tax is not always the final tax. Many are unaware that resident companies are not required to pay a withholding tax on royalty payments, but non-residents are subjected to a final 15% withholding tax for royalties. 


For Further Uganda Tax Information 

There is a 6% withholding tax on the gross amount of fees paid to a resident company for the value of imported goods. This might be offset by the importer’s final tax liability. However, a 15% withholding tax is applied to non-residents that include the following:

  • Management charges
  • Natural resource payments
  • Ugandan-sourced service contracts

 A 15% withholding tax is also payable on what is considered the “repatriated income” of branches.

Since corporate finance advisory in Uganda is so complex, it is highly recommended that you seek the counsel of a reputable service like BNM Advocates that has multiple practice areas for the best representation.

Why You Should Hire a Corporate Finance Consultant

A corporate finance consultant is needed when you require advice on your business. When the contract of service is notified by the employer, termination is considered to have taken place. This usually occurs for the following situations:

  • When someone ends a contract of service, whether it is a contract for a specified term or task
  • When the contract ends due to the employee because the employee received a notice of termination from the employer of the contract of service, but before the notice expires
  • When unreasonable conduct of the employee toward the employer results in an end of contract of service with or without notice
  • If an employee does not comply with his or her agreement as far as the agreements made with the employer, the company can dismiss them immediately without additional verification.
  • An employer is required to provide notice to which the employee is entitled when they choose to terminate a contract of service

As you can see, a corporate finance advisory in Uganda can be considered more than helpful. In fact, it might be a necessary expense that saves you more money than you would otherwise be required to spend.

Since employees can take repercussions if they feel wrongly fired, it is the right course of action to have a corporate financial advisor to help you eliminate that possibility and to help you navigate the situation if it occurs.  

Corporate Finance Advisory Firms In Uganda

When you want strategic and rigorous advice and choose corporate finance advisory firms in Uganda, it is essential to do your financial due diligence and choose the right one to handle your situation. You want a financial office with legal experience that has the time and resources to focus on your corporation. 

If you require expert advice and advisory services on your business finances, it is crucial to obtain professional corporate legal services. You wouldn’t be inquiring if you did not want integrated solutions to assist your current and future clients. Contact BNM Advocates today for expert advice.